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DHS News February 2013

Wi-Fi Access Expands 

In January, new Wi-Fi access points were added on the second and third floors of the Family Court Building, meaning that caseworkers and other DHS staff using that facility can now remotely log onto the county network.

According to Vernon Smith, Assistant Administrator, Office of Administrative and Information Management Services, “Anyone in the Family Court Building with a laptop or portable device that has the appropriate security certificates can access the network. Even though it’s only on the second and third floor, it’s still great for the DHS workers that didn’t have that access before.”

The Family Court Building is just the newest location to get Wi-Fi access. Recently 26 other access points were installed throughout county facilities, and now all CYF offices have Wi-Fi capability. “In most places,” says Vernon, “ the conference rooms have access, so laptops and devices can be taken and used there.” 

With the exception of the Office of Intellectual Disability locations in Green Tree and Forest Hills all facilities that house DHS staff now have wireless capability.

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