Kane Wins Award for Pain Management Treatment

From left to right: Betsy Guy, Chris Thomas, Brenda Smith, Ross Manno accept the award for the Kane McKeesport team under the leadership of Deputy Director Peggy Wetzel, R.N..
L-R: Betsy Guy, Chris Thomas, Brenda Smith, Ross Manno accept the award for the Kane McKeesport team under the leadership of Deputy Director Peggy Wetzel, R.N.

February 28, 2005
At a regional meeting of Quality Insights of Pennsylvania, the McKeesport Kane Regional facility won an award for its visual display on the variety of pain management treatments and the importance of communication between healthcare disciplines. Twenty nursing homes and home-health care agencies competed for the award.

Kane approaches the treatment of pain management from an interdisciplinary method, which includes cooperation from the professional nursing staff, family, friends and visitors.

"The county's Kane Regional Centers offer patients quality care and provide family members with peace of mind," said Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato. "This award is a testament to the Kane Centers and its employees' commitment to enhancing pain management treatments, in addition to constantly seeking ways to improve patient care."

Quality Insights of Pennsylvania (QIP), in partnership with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, works with nursing facilities throughout the Commonwealth to provide the highest level of quality care. Quality Insights of Pennsylvania created a nursing home/home-health agency collaborative on pain management consisting of ten nursing homes and ten home-health agencies in Western Pennsylvania. The Kane Regional Center McKeesport facility was included among the ten nursing facilities selected for the collaborative.

Kane participated in educational sessions to learn techniques to manage and improve acute and persistent pain, utilizing accepted clinical practice guidelines. This type of pain management treatment results in a greater level of comfort for residents, as well as an improved quality of life. In January, the participating 20 agencies were asked to develop posters that demonstrated appropriate pain management techniques to display to internal staff and residents. Quality Insights of Pennsylvania staff reviewed the submissions and determined that the Kane McKeesport facility had the most educational and effective display.

The Kane McKeesport Pain Management team won first place for their creative development of a pain management poster, based on the children's game "Chutes and Ladders." These materials demonstrated the assessment phase of pain management and the individualized pain relief techniques used to ease residents from persistent pain and improve their overall quality of life. Chris Thomas and Brenda Smith accepted the award for the Kane McKeesport team. Other team members included Betsy Guy and Ross Manno. The team operates under the leadership of Deputy Director Peggy Wetzel, R.N.

The impact of chronic pain on a person's quality of life can be debilitating. Quality Insights of Pennsylvania notes, "Older people with chronic pain may experience deconditioning, gait disturbances, falls, slow rehabilitation, multiple medication use, cognitive impairment, malnutrition, social withdrawal and depression."

The Kane Regional Centers are skilled nursing facilities that are owned and operated by Allegheny County. The Kane facilities, located in Ross, Scott, McKeesport and Glen Hazel, provide 24-hour professional nursing care, short-term rehabilitation services, memory and behavioral care, on-site medical clinics and life-enriching activities for all residents. For more information about the Kane Regional Centers or to arrange a facility tour, please contact the Admissions Department at (412) 422-6800.