Accountability, Conduct and Ethics Commission


Article XI. Accountability, Conduct and Ethics 
   § 1.11-1101. Code of Accountability, Conduct and Ethics 
   § 1.11-1102. Accountability, Conduct and Ethics Commission 

    Code of Accountability, Conduct and Ethics 


The Accountability, Conduct and Ethics Commission, or ACE Commission, was established to provide a vehicle for the receipt and investigation of complaints regarding alleged unethical behavior by County officials and employees. Any citizen, whether a County employee or not, can file a complaint with the Commission. If the Commission determines it has jurisdiction, it will investigate the matter.

The Ethics Code emphasizes that County officials and employees must always act in the public interest and not serve their own personal interests or gain. This is the overall thrust of the Ethics Code. Among other things, employees must act with integrity, respect confidentiality, not discriminate, treat every group the same as any other, not solicit gifts, not use County mail for personal reasons, and disclose their financial interests. In order to encourage citizens and employees, the Ethics Code protects whistleblowers and maintains confidentiality in its proceedings until and unless a final order is issued.

If there is a finding of wrongdoing, the ACE Commission can recommend penalties to County Council. The penalties range from a written admonition through suspension and/or dismissal.

The ACE Commission was first appointed in December, 2002, and consists of five members, each serving terms of five years.

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