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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is one of the most important actions that citizens can take, and one that is often with their own ability to control – depending, of course, upon the item itself and the amount of effort one is will to expend. Fortunately, Southwest Pennsylvania provides a range of resources and events to help citizens and communities to recycle everything from paper to tires and computers.


County Commitment - Our Recycling Policy

Allegheny County is committed to recycling at the facilities that it owns, occupies and provides for public enjoyment. The new recycling program is being rolled out facility by facility, starting in 2009 with the County Parks.

Read the official PDF Icon Recycling Policy by which County employees and facilities abide.


Recycling Collection Events 

Pennsylvania Resources Council's Browser Link Zero Waste Program, with support from partners, including the Allegheny County Health Department and others, organizes a series of special one-day collections that help residents properly recycle materials that pose challenges – from computers and cellular phones to crutches, tires, and household chemicals like paints, solvents and some landscaping products. A general list appears below the schedule of events, but be sure to visit the PRC web site to identify exactly what items can and CANNOT be accepted at a collection. You can even sign up to volunteer to help with the events!

Refer to Allegheny Green's Green Events page for more information on local recycling events.


Acceptable Materials

Household Chemicals: aerosol cans, automotive fluids, batteries, chemistry sets, gasoline and kerosene, household cleaners, mercury, paint and paint products, pesticides/herbicides, photo and pool chemicals. Note: $2/gallon fee charged. Please check the Browser Link Zero Waste Pittsburgh Household Chemicals site for more info or call PRC at 412-488-7490 ext 236.

Hard to Recycle / E-Waste Collections: televisions; CPUs (computer central processing units); computer monitors, mice, and keyboards; compact fluorescent light bulbs; fluorescent tubes; cell phones; batteries; and ink and toner cartridges.  Note: some items require a fee. Please check the Browser Link Zero Waste Pittsburgh Hard to Recycle site for more info or call PRC at 412-488-7490 x236.


Recycling Resources

Learn where you can recycle items that are not included in your community's curbside pick-up program, from scrap metal to batteries and concrete block. View the Allegheny County Health Department PDF Icon Recycling Directory.

Limited Drop-Off Locations
Check with your municipality regarding special collection sites run by individual municipalities for the benefit of their residents. The Browser Link City of Pittsburgh offers and extensive residential and small business drop-off program. 

Or, visit a "Hard to Recycle" Drop-Off Station at various locations downtown, at South Park, Conservation Consultants Inc., Whole Foods, or at The Mall at Robinson. These sites accept toner cartridges, electronics batteries (including alkaline batteries), and cell phones. Limited sites accept compact fluorescent bulbs. Learn more about Browser Link Drop-Off Locations.


Role and Regulations - Municipalities

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Browser Link Act 101 governs municipal waste regulations. 

Learn more on the Health Dept. website about the County's Browser Link Solid Waste Management Plan and Browser Link recycling in the County.