Edward Kress
District 3


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Edward                                             Kress

Standing Committees:
Member: Economic Development & Housing, Public Works, Public Safety, Executive, Government Reform
Special Committees:
Chair: Marketing

Councilman Kress was elected in 2013 to represent District 3 on Allegheny County Council. Before being sworn in for his first full term, Councilman Kress served briefly as the District 3 representative in 2005 and the At-Large Republican representative in 2011.

Councilman Kress graduated from Shaler High School in 1989. He then received his Bachelor’s degree in History and Pre-Law from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1993. In 1997, he graduated from Duquesne Law School. He is currently an attorney with his own practice in Pittsburgh and lives in Shaler Township.

Councilman Kress is passionate about creating effective and functional legislation. He consistently looks for new sources of revenue without spending taxpayer money and is chair of the County Council Marketing Committee. During his past service on Council, Councilman Kress sponsored several pieces of legislation that were enacted including:

Bill #6340-11 required the Sheriff to record deeds from Sheriff’s Sales in order to close property tax loopholes and bring fairness to our tax code;

Bill #6325-11 enacted the False Claims Act also known as the “Lincoln Law” that encourages and awards government employees and citizens to report fraud against Allegheny County taxpayers so we can recover this money along with punitive damages from those who defrauded us. The False Claims Act has allowed the federal government to recover billions of dollars in defrauded taxpayer money;

Bill #6339-11 required E-Verification of employment authorization on county contracts and projects to protect our local American jobs and wages from those who break the law in hiring illegal aliens;

Bill #6544-11 called for the forwarding of all 911 calls made to taxpayer funded Section 8 units to the Housing Authority to help target criminals for eviction to make public housing and our neighborhoods safer;

Bill #6385-11, called for a study of advertising opportunities on bridges to bring new revenue into the county to help fund infrastructure.

On September 3, Councilman Kress released a Preliminary Strategic Marketing Plan, which details how the County can creatively utilize its assets, employees, and residents to create new sources of revenue and public-private partnerships, while renovating and improve existing County properties.

District 3 Communities:
Aspinwall Borough
Etna Borough
Fox Chapel Borough
Hampton Township
Indiana Township
Millvale Borough
O'Hara Township
Reserve Township
Shaler Township
Sharpsburg Borough
West Deer Township