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Allegheny County
Geographic Information Systems


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Operating Philosophy

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Group acts as the manager and custodian of County spatial data and supporting system infrastructure, software licensing, data management, support services, training, standards, etc. The Group is charged with guaranteeing the integrity of spatial data through thoughtful planning and management of resources and promoting programs, activities, services and facilities for internal departments and external GIS Stakeholders.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Allegheny County GIS Group is to provide spatial data and related services in the most effective and efficient manner possible through a number of internal and external initiatives:

  • Promote GIS as a decision support and reporting tool for use across the County
  • Foster cooperation with GIS Stakeholders to develop and use GIS as a regional resource
  • Reduce duplication of data creation, acquisition and maintenance through cooperative efforts with stakeholders
  • Make Spatial data available to stakeholders