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Evidence-based Practices

Across a variety of fields, including most areas of practice that fall under DHS, there exists today a growing universe of proven interventions—be they clinical practices or therapeutic programs—that are grounded in evidence, peer-reviewed and readily available.

DHS, in our efforts to ensure that we continuously improve and strengthen our service system by depending upon the latest data and research, is increasingly looking to these “evidence-based practices” as a standard by which we, and our contracted agency partners, serve the residents of Allegheny County.

These high quality interventions, implemented with fidelity across the system, will improve outcomes for individuals, families and communities. DHS will continue to use data and quality improvement strategies to monitor and measure the impact of all of our programming, with a particular focus on the use of evidence-based practices where possible.

DHS will be undertaking periodic reviews of our services, grouped thematically. These service reviews represent a first step toward a system-wide effort to better align the network of DHS services with the needs of our clientele, address any variations in quality of services, and advance the adoption of evidence-based and evidence-informed programming where possible throughout the human services system.

For more information and guidance about evidence-based practices, particularly in the areas of service provided through DHS, the following links may be useful.