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Housing for Persons Who are Homeless and at-risk of Becoming Homeless

Homelessness is loosely defined as having no permanent place to sleep. A homeless person sleeps in a place not meant for human habitation or in an emergency shelter. A homeless person may also have come from the street or an emergency shelter but may now be living in transitional or supportive housing for homeless persons.

There are many causes of homelessness. DHS supports a variety of programs that help individuals and families work to resolve the underlying issues in their lives and achieve a stable living situation. Call 2-1-1 for information about available supports.

Domestic Violence
Ineffective Budgeting
Lack of Child Care  
pdf.gif Mental Health Disorders
pdf.gif Substance Use Disorders (Drug and/or alcohol abuse)
Unemployment or Underemployment 


 Spreadsheets of Housing Resources in Allegheny County as of 2012  

Emergency Shelter
Persons who are in immediate need of housing and are homeless (i.e. have no permanent legal residence of their own) can find a refuge and source of care in an emergency shelter. Reasons for seeking shelter may include fleeing from domestic violence and/or loss of housing due to loss of income, physical health and other related issues. Shelters provide refuge to families, single men, single women and youth.

  • Payment Assistance
    Renters and home owners who are at risk of becoming homeless may receive payments for rent, mortgage arrearages, security deposits, and utilities to prevent and/or end homelessness or near homelessness. Emphasis is placed on the prevention of homelessness for families with children.

    Rental Payment Assistance
    Mortgage Payment Assistance 
  • Affordable Permanent (rental) Housing
    Individuals and families may search a comprehensive list of apartments and houses made available through private landlords in Allegheny County. Visiting and collecting information from each property of interest, using the pdf.gif apartment search record sheet, is strongly suggested.
  • Services During Weather Emergencies
    Homeless and chronically homeless individuals have several options to keep safe during times of extreme heat. Information about drop-in centers, street outreach and multi-service providers is available on the Cooling Tips page and the Warming Tips page