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Housing for Persons with a Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability

Some of the housing programs and services listed below are designed to meet the needs of individuals and families who already, or are eligible to, receive services through DHS Office of Intellectual Disability (OID). 

Persons of all ages who are registered with the DHS OID will, as part of their Individual Support Plan, already be in discussion with their Supports Coordinator concerning their housing needs and preferences. Persons with a diagnosis of intellectual disability who want to register with OID should contact OID Intake and Registration at 412-253-1250. For more information on the ID Service System, especially in Allegheny County please go here.

Some housing options may include:

  • Community Homes                                                                                             
    Persons registered with the ID Service System may be offered a full range of living arrangements in the community. Residences vary in the number of housemates, the intensity of care/services and whether they are un/licensed. In each case, Community Homes provide the appropriate level of professional interaction with the individuals receiving services.
  • Lifesharing through Family Living                                                                                                                                          
      Persons registered with the in the ID Service System, whose care needs may fall anywhere along the continuum of intensities, are welcomed by an unrelated individual or family to share their home and life. These individuals/families undergo training to prepare them to offer appropriate supports.
  • Domiciliary Care (Dom Care/Adult Foster Care)
    Adults who are independently mobile or semi-mobile but cannot live independently may be matched with families who are willing to open their homes and provide a caring, residential environment. Though interested persons may call the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) (412-350-5105), persons should include their Supports Coordinator in the process. No ID Waiver or registration with OID is necessary for this option.
  • Nursing Home Transition: Long-term Care Options
    Older persons and persons of all ages with disabilities can discuss the expanded range of long-term care opportunities beyond traditional nursing home care with Area Agency on Aging counselors at the AAA SeniorLine 412-350-5460.

Persons may explore options without the involvement of OID.