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Allegheny County Plans for Children's Services 

Every year, Allegheny County develops two plans for child welfare and juvenile probation services to meet the requirements of the Pa. Department of Human Services: The Integrated Children’s Service Plan (ICSP) and Needs-Based Plan and Budget (NBPB). The plans provide details about how the County, through the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Juvenile Probation Office (JPO), will provide and integrate publicly funded services for children and youth to age 21 years and their families. Public input is a critical part of the development of these plans. 

The public is invited to attend a community meeting(s) and a public hearing in the months and weeks before the plan is finalized to give members of the public an opportunity to add their voice to the planning process. A survey asking participants to rate the performance of DHS and JPO in various areas related to services for children and youth is also made available.

Background information

Needs Based Plan and Budget 

Every year, Counties are required to develop and submit a Needs Based Plan and Budget (NBPB) to the Department of Human Services's Office of Children, Youth and Families.  This document, governed by Chapter 3140 under Articles II, VII and IX of the Public Welfare Code, outlines the range of services the county plans to provide and the budget requirements needed to do so.

The NBPB covers a two-year period including the "Implementation Year" (the current year beginning July 1) and the "Needs Based Year" (projection of services and related costs anticipated in the following state fiscal year). The plan outlines all services for both delinquent and dependent children, as well as staffing needs for the child welfare agency and various legal costs. The budget portion of the plan provides projections related to federal, state and local funds which will be used to support planned services.

The Allegheny County Needs-Based Plan and Budget published in 2012 and earlier 

Integrated Children’s Service Plan (DHS and Juvenile Probation Office) 

Allegheny County’s Integrated Children’s Services Plan (ICSP) described progress and next steps in the on-going, multi-year efforts toward developing an integrated service system for children in Allegheny County. Pennsylvania did not request an ICSP in 2012.

DHS continually works towards providing an integrated system of service for children. Our ideal system is one that provides a set of developmentally appropriate services to children, youth and young adults and their families, regardless of the point of entry into the system – the “No Wrong Door” approach.

As we continue to move towards this integrated network of children’s services, we will continue to focus on two priority areas of integration; providing services and supports to young adults as they “age out” of child-serving systems and improving resources and services available to children birth to six years of age and their families.

In developing the plans, consumers and stakeholders provided crucial input into the planning process.  This resulted in a comprehensive, long-range plan to integrate services to all multi-system children, youth and families throughout Allegheny County.

Integrated Children’s Services Plan published in 2011 and earlier