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Single Point of Accountability

Service Coordinator Employment Opportunities

Service coordinators play an important role in the lives of the individuals they serve. As the primary point of contact between the individual and the “systems,” service coordinators manage a full range of responsibilities. To do their jobs well, they build on their formal education by taking part in intensive training and mentoring from experienced professionals. They accept the responsibility of developing and mastering specific competencies to ensure that they can work effectively with all partners in recovery.

Competencies Include
  • Basic service-coordination skills
  • Theoretical understanding of service coordination and community mental health
  • Program-specific, service-coordination knowledge and skills
Career Path

Service coordination offers a career with upward mobility, enabling those who choose to be service coordinators the potential for real advancement within the mental health system. Though not every provider agency supports every role, the roles exist across the spectrum of Allegheny County mental health providers.

  • Service coordinator
  • Senior service coordinator
  • Consultant
  • Mentor
  • Supervisor
Specialized Services

Service coordinators may assist individuals at any age level or with special needs

  • Children and adolescents
  • Young adults
  • Adults
  • Older adults
  • Persons with physical disabilities, substance use disorders, criminal justice involvement, etc.
Service Coordination Career Development

As part of the Single Point of Accountability (SPA) Initiative, individuals who are currently providing service coordination services in Allegheny County are required to enhance their skills by completing additional trainings and/or earning a specialized certificate(s). There are also trainings available to provide enrichment and career path development.

DHS-contracted Providers of Service Coordination Services

This table provides links to information concerning agencies contracted by DHS to provide service coordination services for adults and/or children.

Agency  Employment Opportunities  Service Coordination Program  Field Placement Description 
Chartiers Community MH/MR
Center, Inc.
view  view  view 
FamilyLinks - Administrative Service Coordination only view  view  N/A
Family Services of Western PA, Inc.  view  view  view 
HSAO  view  view  view 
Mercy Behavioral Health  view  view  view 
Milestone Centers, Inc.  view  view  N/A
MonYough Community Services, Inc.  view  view  view 
Partners for Quality, Inc.  view  view  view 
Pressley Ridge  view  view  view 
Staunton Clinic  view  N/A N/A
Turtle Creek Valley MH/MR, Inc.  view  view  N/A
Western Psychiatric Institute
and Clinic
view  view  view 

Internships or field placements are available during a student's senior year through the agencies listed above which are contracted with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health to provide service coordination. More information is available from the student's academic advisor.

Making a Career Change to Service Coordination

Individuals already working in the human services field may be interested in employment as a service coordinator. All people hired as service coordinators, unless they have completed the undergraduate service coordination certificate program, are required, as part of their employment, to complete the service coordination post-graduate certificate course. This one-semester course has a field placement component. 

Single Point of Accountability Initiative 

Information about the transformation of service coordination through the Single Point of Accountability Initiative.

Single Point of Accountability - Think. Gain. Connect. Carrer.