In-Jail Programs and Activities

In 1997, former Warden Calvin Lightfoot organized a strategic planning effort with representatives of corrections and other criminal justice agencies, human service and community services agencies. The group reached consensus on areas of need and objectives. An outcome of those sessions was the formation of the Jail Programs Task Force. The Task Force is comprised of a wide range of community programs and services that deliver services directly to inmates of the facility or that propose to do so. The group has divided into committees including Education, Drug/Alcohol Treatment, Family Counseling, Mental Health, and Female Offenders and Pod Programming. County and Court agencies also participate including County Probation, Human Services and Health Department.

An Executive Board reviews proposals that agencies submit for services. The financial support for these services comes from a variety of sources outside the Jail including grants and United Way agencies. Currently the Jail has no budget funds dedicated to these services. This may change as these programs demonstrate their effectiveness with the population.