Community Service Activities

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office sponsors a variety of community service activities including various educational and training programs for health officials and law enforcement personnel. Initiated by the juvenile justice system, the Medical Examiner's Office has implemented an Underage Drinking Program designed to educate first time offenders and to deter future self-destructive behavior. Intended to further educate youth regarding the dangers of drinking and driving, the Medical Examiner's Office participates in several mock motor vehicle accidents held at local high schools throughout the year. Maintaining the importance of the education of young people, a collaborative effort with the SIDS Alliance of Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh Police Department has established the "Cribs for Kids" program. This program is designed to supply cribs to disadvantaged families in order to better maintain the welfare of their infant.

Academically, the Medical Examiner's Office conducts a "Death Procedures" course designed for Emergency Medical Services throughout Allegheny County. The lecture stresses the vital role of the medic in reference to death investigations, and offers solutions and guidance regarding death procedures. The Medical Examiner's Office also participates in the training of pathology residents from various medical institutions. And as a learning/training facility, the Medical Examiner's Office has developed an internship program designed to allow the students practical experience within their major field of study. The Medical Examiner's Office also maintains academic affiliations with both Duquense University and the University of Pittsburgh, including programs in toxicology and law school. Establishing a formal affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh, all pathologists from the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office serve on the teaching staff of the School of Medicine. Benefiting medical and nursing students, technicians, police trainees, and other similar groups, the Medical Examiner's Office conducts guided/instructional tours of the entire facility.

Although surrounded by the destruction of human life, the Medical Examiner's Office is committed to assisting survivors. The recent development of the "Survivors' Guide" allows the survivor a reference brochure designed to instruct, guide and assist a grieving person through the tragic loss of a loved one. Although mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to determine the manner and cause of death, the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office personnel is devoted to the preservation and quality of life.