Advisory Committee on Courthouse Restoration & 125/225 Anniversary Formed

Committee Members Include All Former County Commissioners & Executives

PITTSBURGH – Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald was joined today by former County Executives Dan Onorato and Jim Roddey and former County Commissioners Bob Cranmer, Mike Dawida and Barbara Hafer in announcing the formation of an Advisory Committee on Courthouse Restoration and 125/225 Anniversary Celebration.

“Today is truly a historic day in that we have so many of our former Commissioners and Executives here,” said County Executive Fitzgerald. “Each of us has had the honor of serving this County in elected office, and now we gather together to serve again with one goal – to restore our Courthouse to its former glory.”

In addition to the former officials, the Executive was joined by other members of the Advisory Committee, including attorney Doug Campbell, former County Controller Mark P. Flaherty, Criminal Court Administrative Judge Jeffrey Manning, President Judge Donna Jo McDaniel, and County Council President Dr. Charles Martoni.

Former Commissioners Larry Dunn, Judge James Flaherty, Robert Peirce, and Dr. Cyril Wecht will also serve as members, but were unable to attend today’s announcement. Additional committee members include Council Member John DeFazio (former Council President), Senior Judge & former County Controller Frank J. Lucchino, Heinz History Center Director Andrew Masich, Pittsburgh Foundation President & CEO Grant Oliphant, and Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation President Arthur Ziegler.

“The Advisory Committee will provide advice on steps for restoring the Courthouse and identifying projects that can be undertaken,” added Fitzgerald. “We expect to undertake both minor and major projects in the first phase and will also be identifying long-term projects. Obviously, we are celebrating two big anniversaries this September – the 125th Anniversary of the Courthouse and the 225th Anniversary of the County itself. Each of us is looking forward to making this yearlong celebration a festive one. It will also allow us to really highlight the restoration work that will be underway, as well as what is further needed at the Courthouse.”

Some Courthouse restoration work will start in the coming months, with more long-term projects waiting until funding is secured. The 125/225 Anniversary Celebration will kick off on September 24, 2013, with an Anniversary Gala at the Courthouse which will also serve as a fundraiser for the restoration. Further information about many of the events for the yearlong celebration will be announced in the coming months.

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