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Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion
(Act 50)

Act 50 FAQ's 

* This program is for COUNTY tax purposes only * 

Applications must be submitted by March 1 for the exclusion
to be in effect for the current and future tax years.

In February 2013, the County Executive and County Council approved a homestead exclusion ordinance for each homestead property in 2013 and for future years. Under this amendment, the initial $18,000 in assessed value of each owner occupied residential property, and certain farmstead properties, within Allegheny County would be excluded from County real property taxation starting in the year 2013.

  • Residents who have already filed for the Act 50 exclusion do not need to file again. 
  • If you previously filed and qualified for the Act 50 exclusion, you are automatically registered for the Act 1 reduction. 
  • If you already have the Homestead Act 50 and wish to remove it, you may use the Act 50 Removal Form below. 

To determine if you already have an application on file with the County for Act 50 and Act 1 tax programs, you can visit the Allegheny County Real Estate Web Site. The "General Information" tab for your property will show "YES" in the Homestead line on the left side of the Web page if your application is on file.


Act 50 Forms

State law requires that the instructions be part of the application form.
PDF  Act 50 Application & Instructions for Homestead & Farmstead Exclusions 
PDF  Act 50 Removal Form