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 June 2011 Report
  Master Plan 
  Final Recommendations 

Along with generous support from The Heinz Endowments and The R.K. Mellon Foundation, Allegheny County invested in fulfilling its pledge made in the Parks Comprehensive Master Plan to develop a more detailed master plan for each individual park. The project focused on the 77-acre section of South Park that includes the former County Fairgrounds and the adjacent areas, a nexus of concentrated and popular activity in South Park.

The overarching goals of the project were to:

  • transform the Fairgrounds into a modern facility that reflects the needs of today’s park users;
  • create a sustainable development plan that makes the most of this significant public asset;
  • engage the public in a multi-stage stakeholder input process to build consensus throughout the process.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald is working toward this renovation of the Fairgrounds areas as part of the County Parks Action Plan, which is transforming and enhancing recreational opportunities in the County’s nine regional parks. The main purpose in preparing this master plan for the Fairgrounds is to create a blueprint for sound decision-making and thoughtful use of the area in the years to come, and a model for how to craft detailed, environmentally minded master plans for the other County parks.

The project included a series of public meetings and focus groups with public officials, stakeholders, park user groups, and park staff to seek their input into the planning process. In addition, the County hosted a web survey tool to capture public comments.

GAI Consultants, Inc., the contracted firm that led this process for Allegheny County, developed three prospective design concepts based on initial input. These concepts were further refined and consolidated based on feedback and input secured from the public participation process. The resulting recommended plan stands as a strong opportunity for ensuring a sustainable recreational facility that continues to serve the residents of the County for many years. This plan is just the starting point however. It provides a roadmap for prioritizing improvement steps to South Park and to seeking and allocating financial resources to fund these improvements. The County is committed to a long-term pursuit of meeting the key objectives laid out in this plan as resources become available.

December 2010 Report