County Pools Rules and Regulations

Boyce Park Wave Pool, Settlers Cabin Wave Pool,
South Park Wave Pool and the North Park Swimming Pool

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  1. The Allegheny County Department of Parks retains the right to refuse any individual's admission into its facilities.
  2. Only the facility Manager, Assistant Manager, Head Guard or other supervisory personnel have the right to eject anyone from the pool area or bathhouse who is conducting him/herself in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety of him/her or others.
  3. Personal conduct in the pool and bathhouse must be such that the safety of oneself and others is not jeopardized. To insure safety, obey the following rules:
  4. No intoxicating beverages or controlled substances of any kind shall be brought into or consumed in the facility.
  5. Absolutely no glass containers are allowed in the facility.
  6. No one except authorized personnel will be allowed in the filtration area, cashier's booth, guard room or private sectors of the concession stand.
  7. No one is permitted in the guard chairs except the lifeguards.
  8. No profane, abusive or vulgar language shall be used or be permitted and transmitted on radios.
  9. Radios will not be played at such a high volume as to interfere with an emergency signal or disturb other patrons.
  10. Rough, boisterous play or running in the pool area (especially in the shallow water) is not permitted at any time.
  11. Persons should not spit or spout water in the pool or pool area.
  12. The following items are prohibited in the pool and pool area:
    • Life preservers (even Coast Guard approved) and water-wings. EXCEPTION: Specialized floatation devices for disabled patrons ONLY.  
    • Beach balls and other related toys (such as footballs, etc.)
    • Masks, fins and snorkels
  13. The wearing of glasses (including sun glasses) in the pool is prohibited, except when using a tight fitting safety strap and shatterproof lenses.
  14. Leaders of organized groups will assume the direct responsibility of the conduct and behavior of the members of their group while at the pool.
  15. Children in diapers must wear a protective cover over the diaper.
  16. Persons with signs of illness or disease, skin rash or sores are not allowed in the pool or pool area unless they present to the manager a doctor's certification proving they are not in a communicable stage.
  17. Persons with excessive amounts of plaster, adhesive tape or bandages of any kind on their body will not be allowed in the water.
  18. Only those rafts which are rented from the facility are acceptable for use. 
  19. Rafts are not permitted in North Park Pool or Settlers Cabin Dive Pool.
  20. Raft users:
    • Will not kneel or stand on rafts when they are in the water.
    • Will not sit, lay, stand or jump on rafts when not being used in the water.
    • Will not jump on or dive through the center of their rafts from the side of the pool.
    • Will not drag their rafts along the ground.
    • Will return their rafts in the same condition as when they were originally rented.
  21. Patrons are not permitted to swim in cut-offs.
  22. No coolers or picnic lunches are permitted in the facility.  
  23. No smoking is permitted on the artificial turf.  
  24. "Lost and Found" articles will be held for two weeks before disposal.
  25. The facility Management, Head Lifeguard or other supervisory personnel may suspend anyone from the pool violating the rules or jeopardizing the safety and/or pleasure of others.
  26. Additional rules may be deemed advisable to meet certain conditions for a particular facility.