About the Academy

Police Monument
Police Memorial and Garden at the Police Training Academy 

Dedicated in 1971 the Academy sits in a sylvan setting providing a "private" site for training. It is located in North Park, an Allegheny County public park. The Academy was built with the vision of providing all training for police officers within Allegheny County. There are presently over 120 police agencies within the county. The Academy has fulfilled that mission and beyond. The Police Training Academy is assisted in its mission and beyond. The Police Training Academy is assisted in its mission by an Advisory Board of Allegheny County Chiefs of Police.

The Academy is committed to training all new officers and aspiring personnel the required Act 120, and also providing Mandatory-In-Service Training for all active duty police officers This will continue to be the ongoing commitment of this Academy.

The main building houses the administrative offices, gymnasium/auditorium, and four classrooms. Also available is the state of the arts, FATS - firearms training system and AMOS II driving simulator.

Located on the lower level are the cafeteria, weight room, and cadet locker rooms. The Fire Academy offices also share the lower level with the Allegheny County Police District Three station and additional facilities.

Located in an area above the main building, the Academy has on site, a modern forty (40) point firearms training range. A heated/air-conditioned modular training facility provides year round availablity. The range serves all police agencies of Allegheny County, as well as other local, State and Federal agencies.

The Academy maintains a policy of availablity to all police agencies throughout the Western Pennsylvania area who wish to make use of its facility and the resources it has to offer.

The academy provides classes throughout the year for the continuing education of police officers. The classes are presented to enhance the professionalism, ethics and knowledge of the officers to better provide communities with police officers proficient in their duties.

The demands and rigors of todays policing necessitates a training site capable of meeting the needs of keeping officers abreast of changes and expected standards of service. The Academy is dedicated to ensuring all officers within its area of operation, will have the best training available.