Advice for Travelers Connecting or Making Flights
Through the Pittsburgh International Airport

From the Allegheny County Bureau of Police

  1. Plan to arrive at least one hour prior to your flight time to allow for processing and extra security measures.

  2. Be aware that only authorized law enforcement personnel are permitted to carry firearms within the airport proper. No firearm permits are honored at the airport. Personnel carrying firearms on airport property even with a permit run the risk of arrest.

  3. If you need to ship or carry a firearm aboard an aircraft, please contact your air carrier for specific instructions.

  4. Be aware that no one is allowed through the security checkpoint with any prohibited item, i.e., Mystic Cats, Blackjacks, Mace, or Knives of any kind. If you have any questions concerning what is a prohibited item, passengers are encouraged to contact their air carrier for specific instructions.

  5. Remove all batteries from any battery powered personal items, such as shavers, alarm clocks, etc. to eliminate the possibility of the item powering on when passing through the security checks.