Certificate of Residence

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All deeds presented for recording in the Department of Real Estate must have a typed Certificate of Residence.  The purpose of this Certificate of Residence is to ensure that accurate information is used in updating the address to which the property tax bills and assessment notices are mailed by Allegheny County.

The Tax Billing Address will either designate the mortgage holder or the new owner as the payer of the three annual property taxes.  This is the address to which tax bills will be mailed

The Owner Mailing Address will designate the address to which mail can be received by the owner.  Please note that this is the mailing address of the owner, and not necessarily the property address. 

These addresses would be the same unless there is a mortgage company or other party receiving the tax bills.

  • Complete mailing addresses are required, including the zip codes.  
  • If a P.O. Box is the official mailing address, please use that address.  Do not use a property location that does not officially receive mail from the US Post Office. 
  • Please include complete Suite and Unit designations if they are part of the address. 
  • If the mailing address to the owner is different than the property address, use the mailing address to the owner.
  • Companies should always use their business address they would use for any other bill.
  • Tax Bill addresses must list the mortgage company or agent if applicable.
  • Addresses should be verified with the US Post Office as a valid address, or Allegheny County will be unable to forward important tax and assessment information.  Our offices are required to have all mail validated though the US Post Office.  Consequently we cannot send mail that is deemed undeliverable by the US Post Office.
  • Deeds will be rejected that do not have valid mailing addresses.
  • If the mail is not going to the owner (ex: a trust) please be sure to put the name of the proper person of whom mail will be delivered in the name field.

Complete both sections for Tax Bill Address AND Owner Mailing Address even if the addresses are the same.
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