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In Allegheny County, we're surrounded by natural beauty, real innovation, and good people. Our population is growing, we're more diverse than ever, have committed to sustainability, a better environment, and investing in our infrastructure. The county is a great place to live, work, play, and stay.

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Growing Job Market and Economy

Thirty years ago, many in our community were resigned to the fact that there were few jobs, businesses were closing or moving, and our young people were following. Through hard work and partnerships, and a focus on a diverse economy, we have seen a transformation to a county with a robust economy and jobs market. The county has low unemployment rates and tens of thousands of job openings across a full spectrum of industries, for persons of every skill level. Allegheny County has a strong GDP, a boom in new construction, and a growing population. We have transformed neighborhoods, and you can see the vibrancy and energy across the county.

We still make steel here ... we're also a leader in robotics, life sciences, software engineering, finance, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, energy, and more.

World-Class Education

Education is a key component for any person's success. The county invested in our children and families with the creation of the Department of Children Initiatives, and also provides ongoing significant financial support to the Community College of Allegheny County.

In the county, and throughout our region, there are dozens of schools, colleges, and universities that, collectively, graduate tens of thousands annually. The 11 middle states accredited colleges and universities that call Allegheny County home employ more than 61,000 individuals, and award more than 22,000 degrees annually.

Whether you're seeking a certificate to boost your skills, training to become part of the trades, schooling to enter a medical field, or wish to pursue a degree, you can find it all here.

Thriving Cultural Scene with a Small-Town Feel

When it comes to arts and culture, Allegheny County punches above its weight. We boast 32 world-class museums, 30 concert venues, and more theater seats than almost any other U.S. city (behind just New York and Minneaopolis). Our thriving art community draws millions of visitors to our region, and annual events like the Arts Festival, Light Up Night, and First Night are must-see happenings. Whether you prefer a theater, a gallery, or public art, we have it all here.

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Beautiful Natural Surroundings

The landscape of Allegheny County features rolling hills punctuated by several scenic river valleys that offer breathtaking vantage points to experience the splendor of all four seasons. With 24 miles of public riverfront trails, numerous hiking and bicycle opportunities, and 15,000 acres of park space for locals to golf, fish, swim, kayak, ice skate, ski, and more, Allegheny County offers plentiful opportunities to enjoy the breathtaking natural environment.

The Center of It All

Allegheny County is only a short distance from many of the world's busiest commercial centers, including New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto. A short flight at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) can connect you to over 60 nonstop destinations, including international.

No matter your mode of transportation, we've got it here: highways, waterways, and rail lines. Pittsburgh Regional Transit includes bus, light rail, inclines, and paratransit services; Amtrak's Pennsylvanian passenger rail line connects in the county seat of Pittsburgh's Downtown Union Station with Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York City and beyond.

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