County Jail Reports

Jail Oversight Board (JOB) Segregated Housing Reports

Allegheny County's Administrative Code Chapter 205 requires a monthly report be provided to the Jail Oversight Board (JOB) containing information on housing unit lockdowns, segregation, and intake segregation. The report is posted monthly on the jail's website, reporting the prior month's statistics on the fifth of the month following.


National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) Reports

A nonprofit organization, NCCHC Resources, Inc., works to strengthen NCCHC’s mission: to improve the quality of health care in prisons, jails and juvenile detention and confinement facilities. The jail has worked with the organization in the past to conduct an assessment of the jail's suicide prevention program and, more recently, requested that the organization return to the facility in 2022 to evaluate the progress to date.

In August of 2022, the County Manager contracted with NCCHC to do a fatality review. The NCCHC Mortality Review Technical Assistance(PDF, 935KB)* report is now available (redacted). 
* Please note that the report was revised by NCCHC in March 2023 to correct a clerical error.

In July of 2023, the County Manager contracted with NCCHC to do a review of the jail’s intake and detox work. The NCCHC-ACJ Intake and Detox Technical Assistance Report(PDF, 2MB)** is now available (redacted).
** Please note that the report was revised by NCCHC in December 2023 to clarify references to Allegheny Health Network and Allegheny County Jail in the report.

Jail Collaborative

Although an annual report has not been published since before the pandemic, the Allegheny County Jail Collaborative is an alliance of government agencies and nonprofit groups dedicated to addressing the needs of people returning to the community after leaving the jail. Created in 2000, the group has influenced system change and implemented evidence-based programming to achieve its mission of reducing recidivism for people involved in the criminal justice system. the Warden of the jail is an active and engaged participant in the Jail Collaborative.

The following annual reports show the efforts made to assist individuals while they are incarcerated, as well as after their release:

Safety + Justice Challenge

In October 2018, Allegheny County received a grant to participate in the Safety + Justice Challenge (SJC), a program supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The goals of the project are to safely reduce the population of the jail and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system. Like with the Jail Collaborative, the Warden of the Jail is an active and engaged participant in the county's effort.

For more information, visit the Safety + Justice Challenge page.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

In compliance with the PREA law, the Allegheny County Jail provides annual reports that reflect statistics of all allegations of sexual abuse, and the results of investigations into those allegations. The reports are available on the PREA page.