Emergency Absentee Ballots

If you become physically disabled or ill after 5:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the election, or if you find out after 5:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the election that you will be absent from your municipality of residence on Election Day because of your business, duties, or occupation, you can receive an Emergency Absentee Ballot. The deadline for a voter to request an Emergency Absentee Ballot is 8:00 pm on Election Day.


    Step 1.Download the Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot

    Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot(PDF, 102KB)

    Designate a representative to deliver your completed application, receive your ballot, and then return it once it is complete.

    Step 2.Designate an Authorized Representative

    Authorization for a Representative to Pick Up or Return Emergency Absentee Ballot(PDF, 141KB)

    Both the voter and the person designated as the representative must fill in and sign parts of the form.

    Step 3.Submit Documents to the Elections Division

    The authorized representative can go the Allegheny County Elections office and provide both documents to staff. After processing, the person will receive the voter's ballot and materials.

    Step 4.Return The Ballot and Cast Your Vote

    Once you have completed your ballot and followed the instructions for its return, the authorized representative will need to return the ballot to the Elections Division. The completed ballot should be accompanied by a second signed authorization for the person to return your voted ballot.

    The completed ballot must be returned to the Elections Division by 8:00 pm on Election Day to be counted.

    In Person

    Apply for an Emergency Absentee Ballot In Person

    Go to the Allegheny County Elections Division office and apply at the counter. You'll receive your ballot and materials while there and can vote and submit your ballot while in the office.


    • Act 77 eliminated the requirement for an order of court and notary for this application.
    • A person serving as an authorized representative should be doing so for only one voter unless dealing with a hospital or nursing home setting.