Mail-in and Absentee Voting

In Pennsylvania, voters can choose to vote by mail, by requesting an absentee or mail-in ballot. How a voter completes the vote-by-mail process is just as important as in-person voting, because all instructions must be followed in order for the vote to count.

Mail-in and Absentee Voter Application

Casting a Mail-in or Absentee Ballot

Postmarks No Longer Apply
Ballots must be received by 8:00 pm on Election Day. Ballots submitted without a secrecy envelope, or unsigned or incorrectly dated declaration envelopes, will mean the vote will not be counted.

Step 1.Complete the Paper Ballot

Follow the instructions closely to complete the ballot, in blue or black ink only. 

Step 2.Use the Secrecy Envelope

Once the ballot is completed, use place the voted ballot into the provided secrecy envelope. Do not mark the secrecy envelope. 

Step 3.Stuff and Sign the Declaration Envelope

Place the secrecy envelope inside, and seal the outer declaration envelope. The declaration envelope must be signed and dated - the date should be the same as the date that the ballot was completed. 

Step 4.Add a Stamp and Mail the Envelope

The ballot will not be processed without the appropriate postage.

Step 5.Return the Ballot In Person

Consider returning the ballot to the Elections Division during extended ballot return hours at the Allegheny County Office Building, on the corner of Forbes Avenue and Ross Street in downtown Pittsburgh:

Elections Division
County Office Building
542 Forbes Avenue, Room 312
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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Counting Mail-in Ballots

Voters can watch this quick informational video about mail-in or absentee ballot return to ensure their vote can be counted.