Student Opportunities

While you are a student or soon after you graduate, you can take advantage of opportunities to work and volunteer at DHS. Successfully completing these temporary paid opportunities and/or reporting unpaid involvement on your résumé can set you apart from the crowd.

Paid Opportunities

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Local Government Case Competition
For graduate students in the fields of public policy, social work, business or law who are interested in a career in the public sector

Recent College or University Graduates

DHS Fellows in Local Government Program
For recent Bachelor degree graduates who have received services through DHS

DHS Scholars in Local Government Program
For recent graduates with advanced degrees

Volunteer and Giving Opportunities

Holiday Project
Students are encouraged to have a gift collection drive or volunteer in the Holiday Project Open Donations Shop to benefit those served through CYF.

Project Prom
Students are invited to have a formal wear donation drive, organize a FUNd-raiser or think of other creative ways to benefit students served by DHS.

Allegheny County Music Festival Fund
Students are encouraged to think of creative ways to raise funds to support those served by DHS.