Tennis and Pickleball


Play traditional or platform tennis and pickleball at any of the accessible courts in the Allegheny County Parks. All tennis and pickleball courts are free and open to the public, all ages and skill levels welcome.  

 Tennis in the Parks

Pickleball in the Parks

Like platform tennis, which is a cross between tennis and racquet ball, pickleball was created combining features of several other sports. The ball is similar to a Wiffle ball, the court is like a badminton court with a net like those found on a tennis court and the paddles resemble the ones used in table tennis.  At North Park there are 8 pickleball courts located between the tennis and the platform tennis courts. At South Park there are 2 pickleball courts located between the tennis and basketball courts.


Hours of Operation

Daily: 8:00 am - Dusk


April 1 - October 31, weather & conditions permitting



One hour increments, free to the public! 

About Platform Tennis

Platform tennis (sometimes called paddle tennis) is a variation with a fenced-in court roughly one third the size of a traditional tennis court. The addition of the fencing allows a ball to be played off the wall and remain in play, similar to the style of play for squash or racquetball.

Platform tennis also uses slightly different equipment, with a larger paddle and low pressure tennis ball. With a raised deck, the tennis platform could be heated, allowing for year-round play. 

Learn about North Park Platform Tennis