Housing and Community Environment Program

Notice: Updates to the Allegheny County Housing and Community Environment regulations, Article VI(PDF, 540KB), will take effect on October 1, 2024. Due to these updates, some section numbers will change. Any conditions not meeting these revised standards will be subject to enforcement during any inspections occurring on or after October 1, 2024.

To schedule a meeting or training on these changes, whether in person or virtual, or to ask any questions please call the Housing and Community Environment program at 412-350-4046.


All Allegheny County communities are safe, stable, and resilient for all residents and visitors.


The Housing and Community Environment Program works to reduce community public health risks and ensure safe housing through enforcement of health regulations, conducting lead assessments, and vector control. This is accomplished through crafting equitable policies and enforcement practices, educating residents, and conducting proactive community engagement.

Housing and Community Environment Core Values

Integrity First

Act with impartiality and maintain confidentiality, integrity, and a professional demeanor in services to all residents, tenants, owners and operators.

Equity Driven

Act always to promote safe, stable and sustainable housing for all residents, starting with the most vulnerable.

Community Engaged

Ensure that the most vulnerable communities are aware of available services, proactively engage with residents, and ensure that services are accessible to all.

Policy Oriented

Develop and shape policies on reducing harm caused by unsafe housing and community environment issues, especially for the most vulnerable. All policies should be data-supported, while striving to improve available services and responsiveness to emerging health threats.