Waste- and Water-Related Programs

Solid Waste Management and Water-Related Programs

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The Health Department's waste and water-related program consists of three divisions: recycling, water pollution control division and a solid waste management.

The recycling division provides information to county residents about where specific materials can be recycled.

The water pollution control division inspects all sewage treatment plants, plus sewage collection and conveyance systems in Allegheny County.

The solid waste management program monitors municipal landfills, compost sites, and solid waste vehicles to ensure compliance with county and state regulations.

Please note: Effective February 1, 2018, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Safe Drinking Water program resumed inspection responsibilities for the 66 public drinking water systems in Allegheny County. Residents with questions about their public drinking water should contact their water supplier or DEP’s Southwest Regional Office (24-hour line: 412-442-4000) for permitting, compliance, technical assistance, complaints, or emergency issues.