Candidates Comedy Night

Come. Laugh. Help children.

Thank you to those who have supported our fundraising efforts through their attendance at and sponsorship of Candidates’ Comedy Night. We hope you will continue to support the ACMFF by joining us at this year’s Allegheny County Music Festival.

About Candidates' Comedy Night

Candidates' Comedy Night brings candidates for races of local interest together in the spotlight for an evening of fun and fundraising at an adult-oriented comedy event that benefits eligible children and youth in Allegheny County. For one night, party affiliations are set aside as candidates for state and local offices tell jokes, sing songs, and share their unique talents.

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The Allegheny County Music Festival Fund

The money raised from Candidates’ Comedy Night directly benefits thousands of children and youth through the Allegheny County Music Festival Fund by purchasing life-enriching items and opportunities not otherwise available through traditional government sources including:

  • A week of "live-in" summer camp for at-risk young persons to allow them to engage in healthy activities outside their neighborhood.
  • Lessons in dance, karate and music, and other positive outlets for self-expression for a child who is living in a homeless shelter with his or her mother to escape domestic violence.
  • The opportunity for a child receiving mental health services to spend quality time with his or her family at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium or the National Aviary.
  • The opportunity for a young man or woman, transitioning into adulthood, to attend a college tour and set the course for his or her future.

Monetary Donations

As the demand for funds increases, so does the need to raise additional funds. Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Checks should be made payable to:

Allegheny County Music Festival Fund
One Smithfield Street, Fourth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222