Day of Self-Discovery

The theme of the 2014 conference was "Self Empowerment - Fit and Moving Forward." We focused on improving the overall mental and physical wellness of people.

About the Day of Self Discovery Conference

Begun in 2001, the Day of Self-Discovery Conference is an annual event that brings together individuals in Allegheny County who are personally involved in the process of Recovery. Persons who live with mental health concerns or substance use disorders, along with their family members and other supportive stakeholders gather to share about their Recovery experiences in varied and creative ways.

Each year a theme is chosen, and activities and speakers are selected to support that theme. The conference consists of workshops, entertainment, and mealtime conversations. Subjects of workshops cross a full range of recovery-related topics.

Since 2002, the Joyce King "Every Day People" achievement award has recognized individuals who made significant contributions to promote advocacy and recovery for individuals with a mental health diagnosis or disorders related to the use of alcohol and other substances. Nominations for the award are taken from the community.

Joyce King was a pioneer and leader in the Self-Help Consumer/Survivor movement. She believed strongly that recipients of behavioral health services should be involved in all aspects of the system and that their voices must be heard. Joyce King's achievements were many, including empowering others to self-advocate, dispelling myths and stereotypes about individuals with mental illness, promoting recovery and educating professionals about mental health/illness. One of Joyce King's most powerful testimonies was "I have a condition, but I am not the condition. And I refuse to let anyone equate my illness with my intelligence."

Sponsored by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Community Care Behavioral Health Organization, Multicultural Outreach & Education/Peoples Oakland, Western Psychiatric Hospital (formerly WPIC). The conference is free to Allegheny County HealthChoices members and stakeholders.

The conference planner is Western Psychiatric Hospital.