Events Archive

Celebration of Success Luncheon
The Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF) recognized and celebrated achievements of youth in academics, social, sports or personal goals despite the adversity in their lives.

DHS 10-year Anniversary Commemoration
DHS celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2007 in many ways - from publishing a retrospective to redesigning the DHS website.

Family Fall Festival
An annual event that brought all members of CYF foster families out for a day of fun, food and education.

Families United Celebration
CYF is nationally recognized for keeping children safe with their families. This free event in Schenley Park celebrated the strength of families and was open to the public.

Flowering of Insight (FOI) Art Exhibit
Flowering of Insight was a public art exhibit of works created by adults receiving DHS services, the sale of which benefitted the artist.

Foster Parent Recognition Dinner
This evening of appreciation acknowledged the generosity of men and women who became foster parents for children who were removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect or other serious issues.

Homelessness Prevention Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP)
DHS operated a call center to support the work of lead agencies to assist renters who were homeless or near homeless. The program closed in 2011.

Project Prom 5K Run & Walk
This annual fundraiser that followed a wooded trail in Hartwood Acres Park was hosted from 2014 through 2016. Runners who dressed in formal attire were eligible to be crowned King or Queen of the Race.

Project Prom for Gentlemen
Guests were treated to a catered formal meal where they brush up on their table manners under the instruction of a certified etiquette coach. Men from the community volunteered as mentors for the evening. They remind the teens, through skits and discussions, how to treat their dates and themselves with dignity and respect. Guests also learn how to tie a variety of tie knots including bow ties.

Senior Celebration in the Park
The Senior Celebration in the Park was opportunity to engage older County residents with information, activities, food and entertainment as a way of honoring the value they bring to the community as part of National Older Americans Month.