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Resources for Persons with a Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability

OID FactSheets

You can get answers to many of your questions about the ID service system by looking over these fact sheets.  Learn more  

Choosing a provider

There are several on-line resources that you can use to choose your provider of ID services and supports.

  • The Home and Community Service Information System (HCSIS) Supports and Services Directory (SSD) offers information on ID services and supports. Learn more  
  • The Pa. DHS  Provider Profiles help you choose a service provider based on information that is important to you. Learn more  
  • The Provider Reporting System rates ID providers NOTE: You must read and accept the terms of the disclaimer that opens first to view the list of providers. Learn more  

Lifesharing (through Family Living)

If you are interested in living with another person or family to form a caring home environment, Lifesharing could be right for you. Learn more  

Key communicators

If you would like to be on the OID mailing list and are willing to pass on what you learn, being a Key Communicator can help you do both. You’ll be sent information about

  • New and updated OID FactSheets
  • DHS resources and programs
  • Resources for people with disabilities across the life span
  • Community and specially designed programs
  • Workshops, meetings and conferences offered by DHS, OID and others
  • Special education
  • Information from the Pa. Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

Simply fill out the Key Communicator Sign-up Form and submit it by mail or fax. (You can also email your information to us.) Additional details are located on the form.


OID is committed to sharing information regarding subjects of particular interest to

  • individuals receiving ID services
  • their family members and caregivers
  • professionals who support them

OID staff is available to provide presentations or host information tables at

  • school events
  • community organizations
  • parent groups and meetings
  • professional groups and meetings

Certificates of completion can be provided. Hours may be used by direct-support professionals and Lifesharing host families as in-service training hours.

For more information please contact Mary Figlar at 412-253-1251.

For adults 60 years and older

The Mirage team* provides information to help

  • older adults with an ID diagnosis
  • older adults who care for a person with an ID diagnosis

Mirage provides information through

  • planning reviews for individuals receiving ID services
  • learning sessions for family members and professionals
  • annual conference for family members and professionals
  • information via e-mail to family members and professionals

Learn more 

Contact the Mirage team  

*The Mirage team is coordinated by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Area Agency on Aging (AAA), and Office of Intellectual Disability (OID). Mirage succeeds in its mission through learning sessions, an annual conference, the Mirage Messenger e-blast and monthly planning reviews.

Additional Resources

Important Resources related to the DHS Office of Intellectual Disability  

DHS Office of Intellectual Disability brochure  

OID Quality Management Plan - Lays out action plans to ensure that targeted objectives in the areas identified by the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs and OID are met.

Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) Reports - Reports generated by the system that measures the quality of ID services. The assessments are gathered by independent people in the community from individuals receiving services and their families. For previous reports call the Office of Intellectual Disability at 412-436-2750 and ask for the IM4Q Lead Staff.  Find additional information about IM4Q on the IM4Q FactSheet. 

Websites and Links of Interest Related to Intellectual Disability