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Intellectual Disability

The DHS Office of Intellectual Disability provides services for persons with a diagnosis of intellectual disability.

Important Resources Regarding the DHS Office of Intellectual Disability (OID) 

  • OID Quality Management Plan - Lays out action plans to ensure that targeted objectives in the areas identified by the Pa. Office of Developmental Programs and OID are met.
  • Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) Reports - Reports generated by the system that measures the quality of ID services. The assessments are gathered by independent people in the community from individuals receiving services and their families. Find additional information about IM4Q on the pdf.gif IM4Q FactSheet.


 Key Communicators  

A Key Communicator is someone who receives information from Allegheny County OID and, when possible, forwards it to others who may also benefit from it. Key Communicators are people receiving services, family member and caregivers and supporting professionals from many fields. Information will include:

  • New and updated FactSheets as developed by OID
  • Resources and programs from DHS and DHS Offices
  • Resources for people with disabilities across the life span
  • Community and specially designed programs
  • Workshops, meetings and conferences offered by DHS, OID and others
  • Special education information
  • Information from the Pa. Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

Please sign up for our Key Communicator email distribution.

Simply fill out the pdf.gif Key Communicator Sign-up Form and submit it by mail or fax. (You can also email your information to us.) Additional details are located on the form.


 OID Outreach  

OID staff is available to you to provide presentations or host information tables. Events staff frequently attend include: 

  • School events 
  • Community organizations 
  • Parent groups and meetings 
  • Professional groups and meetings 

OID is committed to sharing information regarding subjects of particular interest for individuals receiving ID services as well as their family members and caregivers, and professionals who support them. Certificates of completion are provided at all sessions. Hours may be used by direct support professionals and Lifesharing host families as in-service training hours.

For more information please contact Mary Figlar at 412-253-1251 or mfiglar@alleghenycounty.us.


Lifesharing Through Family Living

Lifesharing (also known as Family Living) is a service available in Pennsylvania in which someone with intellectual disability (ID) chooses to share a home and his or her life with another person or family to form a caring environment. 

Lifesharing in Pennsylvania is a close-captioned video available at the ODP Consulting Website under Featured Stories > Lifesharing in Pennsylvania. This 20-minute video provides an overview of Lifesharing. The video tells the story from the point of view of  Pennsylvania families, Lifesharing participants who live with them, and a participants family member. The video also includes Patty McCool, ODP Director of Bureau of Supports for People with ID, and Stephanie Brown, a PA Lifesharing Coalition member. 

Additional information and resources about Lifesharing are available on the PA Lifesharing Coalition Website.  

To learn more about Lifesharing in Allegheny County, please refer to the OID Lifesharing FactSheet.

Locating a Provider 


MiRage, coordinated by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Area Agency on Aging (AAA), and Office of Intellectual Disability (OID), is a team of stakeholders dedicated to providing resources for those committed to meeting the needs and interests of individuals in the ID service system as they age. MiRage is also invested in providing recommendations for supporting aging caregivers of individuals in the ID service system. MiRage succeeds in its mission through learning sessions, an annual conference, the MiRage Messenger e-blast and monthly Planning Reviews.

If you want to learn more about MiRage, learning sessions or have questions about the Planning Reviews refer to the pdf.gif MiRage flyer. To be added to the MiRage distribution list, request a Planning Review or to reach us with questions email MiRage at mirage@dhs.county.allegheny.pa.us.

Additional Resources