Marriage License Application

Marriage License Office

Completing a marriage license application in Allegheny County is a two-step process. The license is issued after a mandatory three-day waiting period.

Note: An application for a marriage license is not a marriage license.

  • A marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued
  • Apply for a marriage license at least two to three weeks before the scheduled date of the marriage ceremony
  • A marriage license issued in Allegheny County can be used in any other Pennsylvania county

Types of Marriage Licenses

There are 2 types of marriage licenses that can be issued in Pennsylvania.

Step 1.Self-uniting

A self-uniting marriage license does not require an officiant to solemnize the marriage.

Step 2.Traditional

A traditional marriage license requires an officiant to solemnize the marriage.

The Department of Court Records does not determine who may or may not solemnize a marriage.


Step 1.Completing the Application

There are two ways to complete a marriage license application, filed either online or in person. Online filing requires a valid email address, and applicants will receive a confirmation email once the application is submitted for processing.

Online Marriage License Application

Department of Court Records
Marriage License Section
City-County Building, First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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Step 2.Interviewing

  • Both applicants must appear in person or via video conferencing (complete the application remotely)
  • Photo identification is required

Step 3.Receiving the License

Once the application is processed, there is a mandatory three-day waiting period required by Pennsylvania law. After this period ends, the marriage license will be mailed to the address provided by the applicants. A completed marriage license can also be picked up in person at the Marriage License office.


The fees for a Marriage License vary from county to county. Allegheny County fees, including Pennsylvania taxes and surcharges, are as follows.

Description Fee
 Total  $ 80.00 (cash or credit card)
 Marriage License Application Fee Breakdown
Computer Fee $ 29.00
Allegheny County Fee $ 25.50
Pennsylvania Writ Tax $   0.50
Court Technology Fee $  5.00
Act 151 Surcharge $ 10.00
Act 222 Surcharge $ 10.00
Additional Fee per Divorce Decree $ 10.00 (cash or credit card)