Poll Workers

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Become a Poll Worker

Poll workers earn from $150.00-175.00 for the day - new poll workers also receive paid training. Also referred to as election officers, poll workers can serve in various roles on Election Day, including Judge, Inspector, or Clerk of Elections. 

Poll workers must be comfortable with interacting with the public and keeping up to date with election changes. There is a high performance expectation on Election Day and well-trained poll workers are instrumental in the overall success of elections. 

As the date of the election nears, poll workers will be contacted to discuss position availability and details. If there is no vacancy in the immediate area, poll workers are asked to consider serving in other areas. If there is not a nearby location for a poll worker to serve at, contact information can be retained for future elections. 


Requirements for all Elections Officers:

  1. Must be a registered voter of Allegheny County.
  2. Election Officers may not hold, or within two months have held, any public office, appointment, or employment in or under the government of the United States, Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, or any city.
  3. May not be a candidate who is running for a public office on the ballot in that district, except for Judge or Inspector of Election.
  4. Must perform the duties of the office in a non-partisan fashion.


All Elections Officials are instrumental in ensuring a seamless, easy process for voters on Election Day. The following information outlines general duties and responsibilities of poll workers - this list is not comprehensive and may vary due to the needs of a particular polling location.

Judge of Election

The Judge of Election is the Election Board team leader responsible for:

  • The operation of the voting location
  • Enforcing Election Day rules and regulations
  • Tallying and verifying the final results
  • Closing the polling site
  • Pickup and return of all election supplies and results


Inspectors and Clerks of Election

The Inspectors and Clerks of Election will:

  • Assist the Judge of Election and share responsibility for the operation of the polling site
  • Process voters, accompany voters to a voting machine, provide assistance to voters with special needs
  • Verify ballot information is displayed on the voting machine screen

All Election Officers will assist the Judge of Election in tallying and verifying the final results, and closing the polling site.


Training is mandatory for new Election Officers and is offered before each election. Election Officers should expect to spend at least two hours in an in-depth, hands-on training session or attend an interactive online training session. Election Officers receive additional compensation for attending a training class.

While training for existing poll workers is not mandatory, participation in an online training class is encouraged.

Election Day

All positions serve approximately 15 hours at the voting location on Election Day. Hours are from 6:00 am until the Judge of Election releases the team, usually by 9:00 pm.