DHS Offices

The services provided through DHS originate in the DHS Executive Office, five program offices and three support offices. Learn about the responsibilities and other details of each office in this section.

Offices at the Human Services Building

The Human Services Building
One Smithfield Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Executive Office
Responsible for directing the overall policy, administration and operation of DHS, its offices, programs and services, and for ensuring that the department meets the human service needs of Allegheny County residents. Members of the DHS executive office staff also provide leadership and support for various multi-system, collaborative efforts.

Office of Administration (OA)
Responsible for DHS budget and finance, human resources, technology support services, facilities and fixed assets.

Office of Analytics, Technology and Planning (ATP)
Supports policy development, quality improvement, planning and decision-making through research, analysis and engagement to improve the delivery of human services to Allegheny County's most vulnerable residents. Provides administrative and information-management support services for DHS and its offices, staff and service providers. 

Office of Behavioral Health (OBH)
Provides supports for services to adults, young adults and children with mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Also oversees non-emergency medical transportation (MATP).

Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF)
Mandated by law to protect children from abuse and neglect. Provides a wide range of preventive, protection, and supportive services to work with children and families, with emphasis on family preservation. Provides direct services through caseworkers, case aides, and a network of contracted agencies.

Office of Community Services (OCS)
Responsible for many of the safety net services provided through DHS including shelter and housing for homeless individuals and families, family support and early childhood education.

Office of Developmental Supports (ODS)
Provides information about and registration to services for eligible individuals with intellectual disability (ID), autism, developmental disability, or medically complex condition.

Office of Equity and Engagement (OEE)
Supports DHS’s mission by providing a range of equity/inclusion, engagement and communication functions.

Regional Offices

Area Agency on Aging

Provides services to adults age 60 years and older to help them maintain their independence and safe, healthy lifestyles.

Contact the Senior Line by email or phone 412-350-5460

Birmingham Towers
2100 Wharton Street, Second Floor 
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Get directions to 2100 Wharton Street
GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.4300254  Longitude (-)79.975504

Integrated Program Services (various units)


Riverfront Place
810 River Avenue, Second Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Directions and parking information for 810 River Avenue
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GPS coordinates Latitude 40.450481  Longitude (-)79.994704

Office of Children, Youth and Families Regional Offices

Child Protection/Intake
(open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) 

10700 Frankstown Road, Suite 301 
Pittsburgh (Penn Hills), PA 15235 

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GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.460750, Longitude (-)79.840194


10 Duff Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

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GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.464185 Longitude (-)79.829141


1401 Forbes Avenue, Suite 101 
Pittsburgh (Uptown), PA 15219

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GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.437987  Longitude (-)79.985967


10700 Frankstown Road, Suite 101 
Pittsburgh (Penn Hills), PA 15235 

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GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.460750, Longitude (-)79.840194

Mon Valley

355 Lincoln Highway, Suite 5
North Versailles, PA 15137

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GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.3857531 Longitude (-)79.8236443


901 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 8
Pittsburgh (Northside), PA 15233-1408

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GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.4629701 Longitude (-)80.0108368


2100 Wharton Street, Suite 100 
Pittsburgh (South Side), PA 15203

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GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.4300254  Longitude (-)79.975504

Office of Developmental Supports

Contact ODS by email

Executive Commons Building


110 Roessler Road, Suite 300D 
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Get directions to 110 Roessler Road
GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.393561  Longitude  (-)80.062076

Parkway Center East

Professional Office Park 
2020 Ardmore Boulevard, Room 380 
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Get directions to 2020 Ardmore Boulevard 
GPS coordinates  Latitude 40.4212449 Longitude (-)79.8535921

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