Bikes, Blades, and Boards


Allegheny County offers year-round tracks and trails for biking, blading, and boarding. Riders must provide and wear appropriate protective equipment; all skill levels are welcome.

3 B's Action Parks

Boards/Bikes/Blades! Biking, roller Blading, and skateBoarding in Map icon for linked directions Boyce Park and Map icon for linked directionsSouth Park

  • Skaters and spectators can be seriously injured. Use the action park at your own risk.
  • Skaters under the age of 9 are prohibited and ages 9-13 are required to have parent/guardian supervision at all times.
  • All riders must review the 3 B's Action Park Rules and Regulations.

BMX Track

South Park BMX - BMX bicycle racing on a competition-level track in Map icon for linked directionsSouth Park

Dek Hockey

Dek Hockey & Inline Skating - Leagues, clinics, and free play
Map icon for linked directionsNorth Park on Wildwood Road
Map icon for linked directionsSettlers Cabin Park off Ridge Road (by the tennis courts)
Map icon for linked directionsSouth Park at Corrigan Drive and Maple Springs