Renter Resources

The Department of Housing and Community Environment works with landlords and tenants to make sure their homes and apartments are safe and up to code.

If you have been unable to get your landlord to make needed repairs to your home or apartment, you can call us at (412) 350-4046 or use our online Complaint Form.

We inspect rental units for things like:

  • No heat or insufficient heat in winter weather
  • Lack of hot water
  • Ongoing problems with the plumbing
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Pest Infestations

If we discover a code violation during an inspection, we can issue orders to the landlord to correct the problem.

Once violations are found, a time frame is given for corrections to be made. Once that time frame is up, an inspector will contact the occupant to re-inspect the home to see if the problems have been corrected.

If the problems have not been fixed within the proper time frame, further action can be taken. Sometimes, however, repairs take longer than expected. If the landlord is working on the issue or asks for more time to fix it, we may give them more time to make the repairs.

In some cases, tenants are also issued orders to correct problems for which they are responsible. For example, if too much trash in the apartment is causing a pest infestation, the tenant would be responsible for cleaning the apartment.

Concerned about lead in your home or apartment? Visit our Lead Information page for more information about lead and lead-based paint.

Resources for Renters