Inmate Information

General housing pods at the jail have returned to full recreation.

The jail continues to test for COVID-19. Every person brought into the intake department receives a rapid antigen test upon their arrival to the facility.

If the person tests positive for COVID, the individual is placed into isolation while the arraignment process is completed. If committed to the jail, the person is then assigned to a designated housing unit for an isolation period of up to 10 days. Use of this designated unit ensures that incarcerated individuals have access to showers, commissary, and tablets during their period of isolation. Individuals do not have access to recreation during their isolation period. Following the appropriate isolation, the person is reassigned to a housing unit based on their classification status.

If a person on a housing pod tests positive, that individual is then isolated for up to 10 days.

If widespread exposure is not presumed on a housing unit, the entire unit will not be placed onto isolation status. This allows the other individuals on the unit to continue to receive recreation, make court appearances and receive visitors.

The Allegheny County Jail provides for the basic needs of all persons processed at the facility. You can find detail on those provided items(PDF, 77KB) here.

The jail contracts with Allegheny Health Network for provider services. Find more information on provided medical services(PDF, 74KB) here.

Follow these guidelines to contact an incarcerated individual at the Allegheny County Jail or provide assistance from the outside.

Please note: JOB Segregated Housing Reports that were previously housed on this page have been moved to the Reports page.