Building Permits

New Construction and Additions

A property's value may be reassessed due to building, demolition and occupancy permits. The property owner can appeal the newly-assessed value by filing a Special Appeal.

Why Permits Matter

We receive and review building, demolition and occupancy permits from all Allegheny County municipalities.

Each permit is reviewed to determine whether the property value should be reassessed.

This facilitates the tax abatement programs and accuracy in the data available to all property owners.

How the Process Works

Property owners, representatives or contractors must file any necessary permits in the municipality where the work is being performed. Contact your municipality for details on the types of permits available and possible associated fees.

Municipalities submit all building, demolition and occupancy permits to the Office of Property Assessments.

An assessment professional may review the permit(s) and determine the proper action for the property, if any.

How Municipalities Submit Permits

Office of Property Assessments
542 Forbes Avenue, Room 347
Pittsburgh PA 15219

Fax: 412-350-6084


What Information Should be Submitted

Municipalities should provide the data that is shown on this Permit Form(PDF, 209KB). This form may be used by the municipalities for submission of permit information.