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The office of Human Resource Management oversees employment opportunities and the hiring process for the Allegheny County Health Department. We also administer the department's merit system, which is used for the recruitment, testing, selection, and promotion of employees.

To find information on career opportunities or to apply for an open position, check out our current job listings below. If you are a student who is interested in internships, please check out our student opportunities.

If you have a question about working at the Health Department, please call us at 412-578-8016.

Important: If you intend to apply for a position with ACHD, please read: Employment Application Instructions(PDF, 130KB).

Contract Employment Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for all open positions. Please see the Integrative Staffing Group (ISG) Open Positions website - search "#health" to filter for health department contract positions.

AmeriCorps Positions

(Note: external link to NHC Member Positions)

We are currently recruiting for all positions. Please see the NHC Open Positions website.