Green Roof

The Green Roof, located atop the County Office Building, was constructed with the goal of reducing energy use in the building. Since its installation in 2010, it has helped reduced energy costs for the building by roughly $80,000 per year.

Other Benefits of the Green Roof

  • Decreasing combined sewer overflows, helping to reduce the need for the construction of major storm sewers (gray infrastructure) resulting in cost savings for residents
  • Reducing the “urban heat island” effect, significantly reducing the level of heat in the concrete areas
  • Extending the life of the roof, reducing maintenance costs. The roof life was doubled, at least by reduced temp stress, which means more cost savings!
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs by 10-20%
  • Pleasing for others to see from above
  • Improving the quality of our air
  • $80,000 in electricity savings – 7.75 year payback period
  • Most value shown in the cooling season which indicates probable reduction of the heat island effect and heat intrusion through the roof in cooling season (evaporative cooling). CMU students documented 75% reduction in heat intrusion on green vs. conventional roof section in cooling season.
  • Reducing flow and rate of flow to stormwater system
  • Robust design satisfied building occupants – still leak-free

Our Green Roof Uses Four Types of Technology

  • Intensive – 8 to 12 inches of soil and growing shrubs and plants needing the soil depth.
  • Semi-intensive – 6 inches of soil and able to grow plants and shrubs.
  • Roll Out Mat – 4 inches of soil, this lightweight, pre-grown sedum mat provides instant cover.
  • Tray System – Lightweight trays that are easy to install. They include pre-grown sedum.