Plan for a Healthier Allegheny

Every five years, the health department engages the community to assess various health services, rate community priorities and develop a plan to improve the health of residents. The resulting document is our community health improvement plan, which we call Plan for a Healthier Allegheny 2023-27(PDF, 2MB).

This plan prioritizes issues identified by residents from the 2019 and 2021 community health surveys, community listening sessions and the 2022 Community Health Assessment(PDF, 5MB). It establishes goals and objectives for improving health outcomes, and metrics for evaluating progress. At the same time, the plan identifies strategies, lead agencies, and other organizations that currently (or have the capacity to) contribute to the advancement of health outcomes for our community.

Our overarching goal:
To ensure that Allegheny County residents live healthy lives as demonstrated by their physical and behavioral health and the environments in which they live, learn, work and play.

To achieve this goal, we have identified three priority areas: physical health, behavioral health, and the environment, each with measurable goals, metrics and actionable strategies. Focusing on these priority areas can help us achieve improved health outcomes for our county.

Physical Health

  • Behaviors that promote physical health and reduce risk of chronic diseases
  • Access to medical and dental care
  • Decrease disparities

Behavioral Health

  • Access to behavioral health services, including treatment for substance use disorders
  • Increase participation in programs and activities that support mental health and well-being


  • Stable, safe housing
  • Violence reduction in homes and communities
  • Ensure communities are prepared to adapt and absorb the impacts of climate change

Our Guiding Principles

  • Equity driven
  • Community engaged
  • Data supported
  • Policy oriented

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