Health Department Regulations

Administrative Regulations

School Immunization Regulations(PDF, 501KB)
Required immunizations for school students

PA ACT 315 Local Health Administration Law(PDF, 101KB)
Pennsylvania act creating Health Departments

Article 1 – Merit System (Personnel Administration)(PDF, 540KB)
Health Department rule establishing personnel practices

Article 11 – Hearing and Appeals(PDF, 913KB)
Health Department regulation providing for appeals to and hearings before the Director of the Allegheny County Health Department

Article 24 – Paid Sick Leave(PDF, 614KB)
Health Department regulation establishing that employers provide paid sick time for employees

Human Health Regulations

Article 2 – Syringe Services Programs Approval and Reporting(PDF, 1MB)
Health Department regulation for Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) operations, approval and reporting. SSPs are designed to prevent the spread of HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and other bloodborne pathogens by providing sterile injection equipment, biohazard containers and other supplies. They also represent a significant opportunity to connect PWID to appropriate medical care and treatment

Article 5 – HIV—Rules of Reporting(PDF, 478KB)
Health Department regulation establishing method of early identification and treatment, evaluation and implementation of preventive measures and programs for HIV related medical and social services

Article 10 – School Immunizations(PDF, 334KB) (Please note: the State of Pennsylvania has updated immunization requirements for school entry starting in 2017)
Health Department regulation insuring all school children are immunized against diseases that spread easily in schools and interrupt school life and learning for individuals and groups

Article 19 – Medical Services Fee(PDF, 501KB)
Health Department policy that anyone requiring medical attention shall not be denied medical attention due to inability to pay

Environmental Regulations

Article 3 – Food Safety Regulations(PDF, 2MB)
Health Department regulation safeguarding public health through the application of the principles of food safety, foodborne illness prevention and environmental health in food facilities (effective 1/1/2023)

Article 6 – Housing and Community Environment(PDF, 523KB)
Health Department regulation establishing minimum standards of housing and community environment

Article 8 – Solid Waste and Recycling(PDF, 609KB)
Health Department regulation establishing minimum standards for the regulation of the collection, processing, storage, and disposal of solid waste and recyclable material

Article 9 – Lifeguards, Bathing Places, Hot Tubs and Spas(PDF, 1MB)
Health Department regulation establishing minimum standards for the regulation of bathing places, hot tubs and spas essential to prevent public health hazards

Article 12 – Carbon Monoxide(PDF, 481KB)
Health Department regulation to prevent the creation of carbon monoxide hazards within structures

Article 14 – Sewage Management(PDF, 520KB)
Health Department regulation providing for minimum standards and inspection of sewage systems

Article 15 – Plumbing and Building Drainage (External link)
Health Department plumbing code revisions to the International Residential Code and the International Plumbing Code

Article 16 – Environmental Health Civil Penalties(PDF, 478KB)
Health Department regulation establishing penalties for violations of certain county environmental health regulations and state laws

Amendment to Article XVI(PDF, 134KB) (re: E-Cigarettes)

Article 21 – Air Pollution Regulations(PDF, 2MB)
Health Department regulation authorizing controls on the discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere (Updated, effective 2/5/2023)

Article 22 – Use of Electronic Cigarette Devices in Public Places(PDF, 115KB)
Health Department regulation establishing penalties for the use of E-Cigarette Devices in Public Places

Article 23 – Universal Blood Lead Level Testing(PDF, 288KB)
Health Department regulation establishing mandatory blood lead level testing for children