Credentials for Strengths-based Family Workers

DHS provides an excellent professional development resource for frontline staff who work with families or who supervise direct service staff.

Individuals who take part in Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers and Leadership Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers training

  • come from provider agencies across all disciplines of the human services network
  • acquire a common practice framework, philosophy and language

Letter from DHS Director Erin Dalton Concerning the Value of SFW Training(PDF, 301KB)

Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers (SFW)

Direct-service staff who complete the training apply the tangible, strengths-based approach with the families they serve to help them reach their goals and attain a healthy self-reliance and interdependence with their communities. Families who interact with those who have earned the SFW credential also benefit from the continuity the training provides. Those who successfully complete all the requirements receive an SFW credential that is recognized in 13 states.

SFW Application and Training Schedule(PDF, 513KB)

Leadership Certification for Strengths-based Family Workers (LSFW)

Managers and supervisors are able to support their staff in an evidence-based way by relying on standard family development principles and skills. The training teaches practical ways to support workers that help families become self-reliant, and helps develop upper-level-staff partnerships that promote the use of family development principles and skills. A credential in LSFW is earned upon successful completion of the requirements.

LSFW Application and Training Schedule(PDF, 301KB)

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