Miscellaneous Filings

Please Note:

There will be a $35.00 charge for NSF checks. No personal checks will be accepted.

There will be no refund for over-payments of $10.00 or less. Refunds will be made for all amounts over $10.00.

In cases not specifically provided for, the Director of the Department of Court Records shall make the same charge as that imposed for services of a substantially similar nature.

Filing Amount
Certified Copy $20.00
Certificate of Cost $10.00
Deed - Sheriff or Treasurer $5.00
No Lien Letter $20.00
Notary Public (Dept. of Real Estate)
Signature Certification
Search $25.00
Subpoena $10.00
Bond $10.00
Poundage for money paid into court - for the first $1,000.00 3%
Poundage for money paid into court - above $1,000.00 1%
File retrieval from non-County owned facility, payable at the time of order Current Rate