Tax Collector Bond

Instructions for Filing
Before acting as the tax collector for a municipality or school district, the person must post a bond and obtain court approval. Start the approval process by filing the appropriate documents with the docketing clerk in the Department of Court Records, Civil/Family Division.

What to Bring

  1. Bond - from a court-approved surety company
  2. Copy of the Oath of Office
  3. Copy of the Municipal Resolution
  4. Copy of the School District Resolution
  5. One original & one copy of a Tax Collector Bond Cover Sheet(PDF, 108KB)
  6. Docketing Fee: $96.25.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, municipal check, certified check or money order payable to: Department of Court Records. No personal checks accepted.


A docket number will be issued to the aforenamed documents and two Notice of Filing Tax Collector Bond. The Notices are then given to the Tax Collector or filing agent, to be completed.

Serving the Notices

  1. Copies of the completed Notices must be made and served upon the appropriate:
    • Municipality
    • School District
  2. The Acceptance of Service portion of the original Notices must be signed by authorized agent(s) of the Municipality and School District.
  3. The Notices must then be returned to the Department of Court Records, Civil/Family Division.

Obtaining Approval

Ten (10) days after both Notices have been received in the Department of Court Records, Civil/Family Division, we present the Bond and appropriate documentation to the Court for approval.

Only after approval by the Court has been given is the Tax Collector authorized to act in his/her capacity as the collector of taxes.