Traveling Glass Recycling

2024 Traveling Glass Recycling Program

Glass recycling page

Allegheny County's Department of Sustainability and PRC has rolled out a Traveling Glass Recycling program. This self-serve glass drop-off site travels to various locations around the county, making it easier to recycle glass. 

Each week-long collection event runs Sunday - Thursday. Bins placed in county parks are available from 7 am - dusk each day. 

 2024 Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Locations

February 10-15
Boyce Park
Ski Lodge Parking Lot
August 10-15
Settlers Cabin
Wave Pool Parking Lot
April 13-18
Settlers Cabin
Wave Pool Parking Lot
September 7-12
White Oak Park
Chestnut Shelter and Playground Lot
McClintock Road
May 18-23
Round Hill Park
Main Parking Lot
Near the Duck Pond
October 5-10
North Park
Swimming Pool Parking Lot
June 8-13
Deer Lakes
Veterans Shelter Parking Lot
November 9-14
South Park
Corrigan Drive & 100 Acres Drive
July 13-18
Hartwood Acres Park
Amphitheater Overflow Lot
Middle Road

Why recycle glass?

Glass is still one of the most recyclable materials generated in homes, and should not be trashed. Glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without losing any quality, which makes the effort to put these items back into the recycling ecosystem even more important.

What types of glass are acceptable? 

Check the flyer to see what can be recycled(PDF, 1MB) in the Traveling Glass Bin program.  

How should glass be prepared? 

Containers should be empty and rinsed. Lids and labels don't need to be removed. Please remember that any bags and boxes used to carry the glass must be discarded off-site.

Thank you for recycling!