Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE)

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a financing mechanism that allows commercial, industrial, multi-family and agricultural property owners to obtain long-term financing to pay for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation projects. These upgrades result in consumption and cost savings for the property owner while reducing the property’s carbon footprint, which – in turn – reduces the county’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF), a nonprofit organization assisting energy users in overcoming financial, educational, and regulatory barriers to a sustainable energy future, has been selected to administer all C-PACE program related services in Allegheny County.

How does it work?

Property owners apply for a loan with a capital provider to fund eligible project costs. The C-PACE loan is repaid through a voluntary special assessment that is billed and collected by the county as part of the annual real estate tax bill.

Property Owners and Developers

Eligible Projects

  • Commercial buildings including office, industrial and agricultural properties, and multi-family housing, can apply for C-PACE
  • New construction projects that utilize building standards and/or equipment outlined in one of the accepted building standards;100% of the cost of outlined energy conservation measures (ECMs) are eligible.
  • Retroactive financing, retrofits, gut rehabs and new construction projects. These C-PACE projects must meet additional requirements found in program guidelines.
  • Certain soft costs such as energy or water survey, permit fees, legal fees, inspection fees or other items can be included in C-PACE financing
  • C-PACE can be used for some stormwater management projects. If the stormwater will be collected and used to offset water usage in a building, rather than simply managing stormwater, the project may be eligible.

Additional information is available at Allegheny County C-PACE.

Capital Providers

C-PACE lenders can be:

  • Banks
  • Equity investors
  • Others

Capital providers must register with Sustainable Energy Fund to lend to C-PACE projects in Allegheny County.

C-PACE Approved Projects(PDF, 117KB) (As of December 2022)

For more information on program development, program guidelines, and to apply, click the button below.

Allegheny County C-PACE

If you have a project and would like assistance finding a contractor, capital provider or energy auditor, or wish to become registered for C-PACE projects, contact Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) at (610) 264-4440.

For information on Pennsylvania C-PACE outside of Allegheny County, visit PA C-PACE.