General Information

2024 Hearings
The Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review has made arrangements for all 2024 hearings to take place telephonically. Learn more about how the process works with the BPAAR Telephone Hearing Tip Sheet(PDF, 232KB) included with your scheduled hearing notice.

Property Assessments can be appealed by the property owner or any taxing body with a vested interest in the parcel.

The appeal is heard by the Board of Property Assessments Appeals and Review (BPAAR).

This is the first level of appeal available to owners and taxing bodies.

If the BPAAR disposition is unsatisfactory to any of the parties, they may appeal the BPAAR's decision to the second level, at the Court of Common Pleas, with the the Board of Viewers (BOV).

These are independent bodies, each with their own governing bodies and rules.

More details are available on the following BPAAR appeal topics below:

Vital Information for Appeals

Confirm receipt of your appeal form.

  • If you submitted a paper application, check the Real Estate Website or call us at 412-350-4636 (INFO) Option 2.
  • If you submitted the form via email, you should have received an email receipt within 2 business days of submission.
  • If you submitted online, you should have received an email copy of your form within 30 minutes of submitting it.

Prepare your evidence in support of your appeal. You may want to review our Appeals Tip Sheet(PDF, 116KB) for suggestions on preparation.

Submit your phone number to be called for the hearing five days prior to the hearing date.

Submit your evidence ten days prior to your hearing date to the County, and also to the opposing parties(PDF, 123KB).

A special BPAAR Telephone Hearing Tip Sheet(PDF, 232KB) is included in your scheduled hearing notice with details on submitting evidence.

Your hearing notice may arrive while you are on vacation or away from home. If you have not made arrangements through your local post office for your mail to be forwarded, periodically call 412-350-4636 (INFO) Option 2, to check on the status.

Hiring an attorney to represent you is your choice. Legal representation is not required. However, most school districts and municipalities will have legal counsel present.

Someone else can represent you for the appeal. Appoint an authorized representative(PDF, 136KB) to file your appeal and represent you at the appeal hearing.

If you cannot attend the scheduled hearing:

Appeal withdrawal: Only the filing party can request withdrawal of an appeal by completing and submitting a BPAAR Withdrawal Form(PDF, 459KB).

Attending a hearing for an appeal filed by the school district or the municipality.

  • You are not required to attend an appeal filed on your property by your school district or municipality.
  • You may attend the hearing to present evidence for your case if you so choose.

Failure to Appear
If an appellant fails to attend a scheduled hearing without a timely request for a postponement, the appeal will be classified as withdrawn and the appellant will have no further right to appeal the assessment for the year at issue.