Residents Housing Support

The Allegheny County Economic Development (ACED) Housing Development Division strives to:

  • Expand safe, affordable housing stock
  • Assist residents with home acquisition and rehabilitation

Housing Development Division

The Housing Development Division undertakes major projects such as providing financial support for the construction or rehabilitation of affordable for-sale and rental housing. The division also provides home repair/rehabilitation loans and mortgages directly to eligible residents.

The division supports developments that include a variety of housing choices that promote diversity within a community, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, income level, and disability status. Division initiatives are integral to overall community development, addressing and directing resources to community needs.

Division Goals

  • Quality construction, including shared financing partnerships, and participation of minority and/or women-owned business enterprises
  • Quality project management, including fair housing procedures to ensure equal housing choices for all participants
  • Proposed projects with demonstrated community need
  • Complementary development as part of a larger socioeconomic plan in communities where developments are proposed


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